“Exhausted, Worn Down, And Frustrated From Poor Sleep, I Didn’t Think The Solution Would Be So Simple….” (No Pills!)

If you’ve had bouts of insomnia, you know what it’s like…. tossing and turning in bed, can’t turn off the mind. Too tired to feel like doing anything, too alert to sleep. Finally getting a little sleep, but waking exhausted.

Maybe you can’t get to sleep in the first place, or maybe you wake up in the night and can’t get back to sleep.

And it isn’t just a problem at night. Then, the whole next day, you’re dragging along, trying to do what you have to do, even though your mind isn’t working, and your body isn’t helping much, either.

This is what I went through a few years ago. In a word, it was miserable.

I tried natural supplements, and even over-the-counter sleeping pills. They helped somewhat, but I didn’t want to risk my health on using them long-term. And I didn’t feel as rested and refreshed after a chemical-induced sleep.

Besides, deep down, I knew they were only a band-aid. They didn’t solve the problem. They only masked it.

What was it that was keeping me awake in the first place?

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A REAL Solution to Insomnia: Get Deep, Restful Sleep WITHOUT Drugs OR Supplements!

Now, I am really fortunate to know someone who is one of the world’s leading developers of personal change methods. In fact, she’s my sister, Connirae Andreas. And we work together on some projects.

And just when I was really getting frustrated with my sleep problems, she was developing a solution!

Now, you might be wondering, what the heck is a “personal change method”? And what does it have to do with sleep?

Personal change just means changing how we think, feel, and/or behave. And what was keeping me awake was really just the way that I was thinking, feeling, and behaving.

Now, I’m a person who has spent many years of my life using some truly great personal change methods. I do this for a living, as a life coach–and in fact, I travel around the world, leading seminars.

However, even I was surprised at how simple this was, and how fast it worked!

From the very first night, I was getting better rest. Within a few nights, I was waking less often, and getting back to sleep more quickly. After a few weeks, I was sleeping well almost every night, without even using this solution!

And now, even though this material has just recently become available, we already have hundreds–soon to be thousands–of reports from people who have improved their sleep with this process.

What Kind Of Solution Is It?

The solution is a simple process for relaxing the mind that takes hardly any time to do.

This process is basically teaching your mind to do what people who are good at sleeping do when they go to sleep easily and naturally. It might even be re-learning what your mind did naturally when you were younger. It's a process that relaxes the mind.

Now, when we say it’s a process for relaxing the mind, you might wonder “is this meditation?”

And the answer is no, it isn’t. The process itself is very different from standard meditation techniques.

Because it is great for relaxing the mind, some people use this process before they meditate, to make meditation easier. However, you don’t need to use any standard meditation technique in order to do this process. It’s completely different.

What’s really great is, after you learn this process, it can be done in typically 10-15 minutes. Sometimes it even takes less time than that. And because you’re using minutes you would be spending on going to sleep anyway, it takes no time out of your day.

In fact, it can end up saving time! Instead of spending lots of time–even hours–trying to get to sleep… what if you got to sleep quickly, and slept all night? Wouldn’t this free up some time for something more fun?

And It’s Even Better Than That!

Now, here’s the rest of the story. This method helps us sleep partly because it helps us release stress. Well, guess what? By releasing stress, our whole life can potentially improve as well.

Releasing stress at night tends to make us better at releasing stress during the day, as well. Using the Wholeness Process for sleep can give us all kinds of wonderful extra benefits! And who couldn’t use a greater sense of well-being, a greater sense of ease in life?

In fact, this process is one of the best ways ever developed to resolve life’s issues and become a happier person over-all. These days I often use the process—even when I’m sleeping well without it—just for these other life improvements.

However, let’s just start out with one simple goal: getting a good night’s sleep. Then, if you also notice other areas of your life improving, without any extra effort… so much the better!

How Does It Work?

This process is a great way to relax your mind, relax your body, and calm your emotions.

You probably have already “tried” to relax, “tried” to let go of thoughts when you’re wanting to sleep. Think about that a moment: You’re using effort to get yourself to relax. No wonder it doesn’t work so well!

With this process, once you learn it, the mind relaxes easily, without effort. You don’t have to “try” to do anything. And when the mind gets deeply relaxed, the body relaxes, the emotions relax, stress is dissolved, and before you know it… sleep just happens.

It’s called the “Wholeness Process”. What Connirae discovered is that when the mind is in a state of wholeness, stress is released, and relaxation is natural and automatic. And this is the simplest, most direct, most reliable method we know of to help our psyche reach a state of wholeness.

And what is a state of wholeness? It’s basically a relaxed state of peace and well-being. It can be somewhat subtle, or more profound. After you’ve experienced a state of wholeness, you may have your own way of describing it.

Developed By Connirae Andreas

Connirae Andreas has been teaching, developing, and writing in the field of personal growth since the late 70s. Her work is being used all over the world today, by therapists, life coaches—and ordinary people who want to improve their lives.

She is perhaps most well-known for her groundbreaking work developing the Core Transformation process, which very simply and easily becomes a doorway to a felt experience many describe as our spiritual core. This inner core offers the deep healing that very naturally resolves many of life’s problems and challenges.

How Do I Learn This?

While Connirae spent seven years developing this method, she’s only made it available to the public starting the fall of 2013. And until recently, the only way to learn this ground-breaking material has been to attend a seminar. So if you don’t live there, you would need to get a plane ticket, fly to another city, pay for a hotel—and pay for the seminar besides. And it’s worth it, for the amazing life-changing material in this course.

However, now there’s another way to get the same material, for less than half the cost of a seminar—and no travel expenses!

Because now, the full 2-day training is available online, at a considerable savings.

This training will teach you how to improve your sleep—and much, much more!

Plus, there are two options for getting a sample of the material, that are even lower cost. One is FREE!

You can find out about all of these options here. (Of course, this is an affiliate link.)

Check Back Here Soon!

Right now, I am working on a product with Connirae that will be specifically focused on improving sleep. So if improving your sleep is the main benefit you’re wanting, this will be the best place to start.

You can check back in a couple weeks to see if it’s up yet. Or sign up for email updates below!

And in the meantime, happy slumbering!

I’ve felt a really big difference. I can deal with conflict better, and I feel creative about how I deal with things. I can sleep more soundly, more solidly. Before I would often wake up and things would be on my mind, bothering me. If I do this process I am peaceful before going to sleep, and then I sleep a lot better.

Senior in college, dealing with grad school applications and interviews

Excellent. A profound experience which has been far more useful and effective for me than any past ‘mindfulness’ experiences. Thank you for this course! Benefits: Better quality of sleep. Deeper relaxation. Increase in general well-being....

Jason Fletcher, Wholeness Process Online Training Participant

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